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Yearly Archives: 2019

Parting and departing

Day 1 of our journey:

Kappeln – Middelfart, Insel Fyn, DK (55°30´47´´N, 009°43´´53´´E)

We have often cast off on a long journey. Every time with mixed feelings of tension,
anticipation, concern, respect and aware of the incredible potential the unknown holds waiting to greet us.

A number of people important to us have come to the jetty to see us off. It is 8.15 am, misty and grey, 8°C with an unusually fresh wind for May. A big breakfast with steaming cups of tea in a warm dining room wouldn´t be bad. Last hugs, machines are running, a long signal from the ship´s horn, goodbyes and the long-planned departure for the Arctic Circle. On the dot of 8.45 am the double bascule bridge in Kappeln opens for us and lets the MAREVIDA pass from the Schlei to take the last five nautical miles up to the Baltic See. We are the only ship. We glide slowly past Kappeln´s always beautiful harbour panorama, leaving the last jetties and small shipyards behind off to port. Only one rowing boat with two people shares
our course. In this cold! Incredulously, we recognize Hanna and Hauke, who want to join us later on the Lofoten and round Spitzbergen and are now escorting us in this two-man skiff for  more than a mile on the first part of our journey. Again greetings, waves, good wishes. I´m really moved.
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The evening before departure

The evening before departure

Kappeln an der Schlei (54°39´38´´N, 009°56´´03´´E)

It was just an ordinary working day in Hamburg for us all. Then the very last items were stowed, accompanied by the nagging feeling we´ve forgotten something important. But what? It doesn´t matter, we have to leave. By 11pm the five-man crew for the first leg from Kappeln to Stavanger is present and correct. We´re met by Maria, who won´t be able to sail with us until July, when she´ll join us on board
for two weeks, but who had the brilliant idea to come and see us off and has laid out a spread of Italian delicacies as a farewell meal in the mess. It´s going to be an evening of excited anticipation.
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Recipe – or is there a blog structure

Recipe – or is there a blog structure

Let’s see.
See 1st preface…it’s my first blog. So: structure yes, but whether it remains in the dynamic of such a journey? Let’s see :)

Nature and its people are the focus of our trip, which will start on May 1st in Kappeln an der Schlei and lead us to Spitsbergen: We want to approach the people through personal encounters, we want to explore, find out how they experience the change of their environment in a positive as well as in a negative way, but also what makes them happy in their innermost being! Continue reading Recipe – or is there a blog structure



A blog. How strange. I’ve never written it before. Also unsettling. Challenging. That in turn is exciting and appealing.
We are all very curious to see what will happen.
We, the crew of MAREVIDA. And me, the skipper.

And of course I am also accompanied by the questions and remarks that reach us in view of the idea of our “Arctic Circle”. We are certainly putting them to ourselves: Why not just enjoy quietly and sail? Do you have to write about it in public? And is the change of nature, the climate and our living environment, the search for meaning, happiness and fulfillment to the point of tedium analysed and discussed? Isn’t everything already thought and written? Aren’t there already enough photos and films and documentations showing the beauty, vulnerability and injury of our nature? Continue reading Foreword

Behind the Curtain:

Beobachtungen und Gedanken am Wegesrand

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