Recipe – or is there a blog structure


Recipe – or is there a blog structure

Recipe – or is there a blog structure

Let’s see.
See 1st preface…it’s my first blog. So: structure yes, but whether it remains in the dynamic of such a journey? Let’s see :)

Nature and its people are the focus of our trip, which will start on May 1st in Kappeln an der Schlei and lead us to Spitsbergen: We want to approach the people through personal encounters, we want to explore, find out how they experience the change of their environment in a positive as well as in a negative way, but also what makes them happy in their innermost being!

And of course we will also report personally what we experience, see and perceive, what wind and weather and Neptune have in store for us, what goes wrong and what makes us happy all around.

We want to look back at history, create and fathom out perspectives and reflect with local people about the chances for our environment and us humans in it and which ways and values can help to let these chances become reality.
But we also want to simply enjoy the journey through a wonderful, often lonely nature, characterized by rough charm.

And all of this is painted from a glance under the surface: “Behind the curtain”.
We would be delighted if you would accompany us!
Write to us. Send us suggestions, hints and where necessary motivating criticism. Visit us on board the MAREVIDA.

Behind the Curtain:

Beobachtungen und Gedanken am Wegesrand
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