The alternating crew of the sailing expedition Arctic Circle 2019 is made up of enthusiastic travelers, sailors, scientists, journalists as well as environmentally active young adults.

The idea for a sailing expedition that focusses on the changes in our environment and the experience of the people in it, arose during our sailing trips of the past years across the Baltic Sea to St. Petersburg and across the North Sea around England, as well as on the numerous journeys that were part of our project “Save childrens sight – for a better chance in life” to the poorest regions of the world. In all these places, even in the most secluded fjords in Finland and in remote Scottish waters, we witnessed what scientists and environmentalists have long warned about: the heavy pollution of our seas and our environment, as well as the consequential effects on nature and people. The once perfect balance of nature has long been disrupted by human hands.

Sailing is one of the oldest forms of travelling afar. Sailing means traveling within nature, adapting and subordinating to the weather, and approaching the destination at a slow pace. Thus, we will have ample time and peace to experience, feel and observe things that are hidden from faster forms of travel such as cars, planes and cruise ships. The sailing expedition Arctic Circle 2019 is directed by the founder of the foundation, project manager and skipper Dr. Peter Kaupke.

We want to experience how humans and nature have changed over the years and centuries. What was gained and what was lost? We would like to approach these questions first-hand and in a practical and personal manner.

We begin our investigative journey with the goal to gain more insights on opportunities for both our environment and humanity, and on actions and values that can help make these opportunities a reality.

It is our humble and respectful wish to show the world in which we live in its magnificence, its beauty and its truth and vulnerability. Only an undamaged environment will allow us to live. Nature is our origin and we depend on it.

Hamburg in April 2019
Dr. Peter P. Kaupke, MD

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